Buyer’s manual: How to view a property

4th April 2016

Purchasing a property is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.Here are a few suggestions which will help you make the correct decision properly.

There’s no rush

There’s no need to rush your viewing. Take at least 25 – 30 minutes and, if possible, view the property at different times of day to get a real feel for the property.

Consider the benefits

Be conscious of the opportunities the property offers for you to add value. Even if you are not buying as an investment, it is always worth considering what will appeal to future purchasers.

Clarify what features are included in the price

You should consider every aspect of the property, including outside space, communal areas, attic and cellar. Find out whether any white goods, such as fridges, washing machines, etc, are included and inspect them, too.

Research and explore the neighbourhood

Location is crucial! If you don’t know the area, walk around, visit the local eateries, pubs and shops. Make enquiries about transport links, commute times and, if relevant, schools. This will all help you determine whether the property is worth the money you are paying. If you can’t physically visit the area, there Google Maps is a great tool to put to use!

Stay in touch

Research mobile network and broadband strength, particularly in rural locations. There are lots of websites that can aid you in doing this e.g. If you plan to buy-to-let this could be the difference between you being able to let your property easily, and you finding it difficult to find tenants that are ok with low signal strength in the area.

Buyer’s manual: How to view a property